Monday, March 23, 2009

RIP Curiosity

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since my last post. I had a bit of a bad week two weeks ago. My sick kitty, Curiosity (Curry for short), ended up having a tumor in his abdomen that was pushing on his kidneys and causing them to fail. They said they could make his kidneys feel better by putting him on an IV and flushing him, but that would have only given him a few weeks, max. They also could have operated to remove the tumor, but that was risky given the fact that he already had a heart murmur. He was 15 years old and I had him since he was a pound and a half little ball of fur that fit in the palm of my hand. He was an awesome cat, the first pet that I had as an adult, and my first cat ever. I made the tough decision to have him put to sleep but not before I took him home to spend a last couple of days with him.

The first thing I did when was take him out into the grass in the backyard to bask in the sun. He always loved to lay in the sun and would sneak outside at any opportunity given to him to roll in the grass. So, I thought it fitting! I got some great pictures of him and a little bit of video as well.

Yes, I know....the grass needs to be cut!!

What a handsome boy!

Soaking up the rays

Where's the kitty?

It's surely a tough decision, but I can definitely say that it's easier when you have to make the decision than it is when it is flung upon you. My last kitty died unexpectedly when I took him in for his shots. He had a little kitty panic attack and went into cardiac arrest and died within 2 hours of our appointment time. It was horrible! I never want that to happen again, but I know I don't really have any control over it.

It actually kind of made me start thinking about euthanasia for people and why we don't do that. I know for sure that if I was on my deathbed and couldn't even move at all and there was really nothing that could be done for me save spending thousands of dollars on a treatment that may kill me anyway, I would definitely want to be put to sleep. Why burden my family and friends with the cost of the treatment or the repurcussions of it when it probably won't work anyway? I think it's definitely something that should be able to be done at the patient's request.

Anyway, now that I've thoroughly depressed you, I'm going to post my past weekend's hike on a separate post!