Sunday, January 4, 2009

Had a fabulous hike yesterday. I had a co-worker and his wife and dog join me this week. Went to Chipotle afterward to refuel. Yummmmm. The pictures below are from the hike in the McDowell Mountains - Gateway loop trail.

Tom's Thumb

A bunny or mouse amphitheater - can you believe this is Arizona???

Beautiful blue sky and stately cacti

The Gateway Saddle

The's so green!

My co-worker, Will, and his wife, Adrienne, and dog, Sydney

Looking out from the Saddle

It was a great day for a hike. Strangely enough, soon after we were done with lunch, the sky clouded up and it got a bit chilly. Weird that it waited for us but the weather must have known that I really needed that hike! I've been a bit sick with a cold and was in the cough stage so I got a bit winded (that and probably because I hadn't hiked in a month) but was able to make it through.

On the way home, I decided to stop at REI to get properly equipped for the next hike. I got a set of trekking poles that shrink up small enough to stick in my backpack! Got home and watched the Cardinals game (yea! Cardinals win!!!!) and then I headed off to the mall to exchange some Christmas presents and then to Whole Foods for some cat food and people food. A very long day but so much fun to be out in the wilderness for awhile. Hoping next week we'll have a few more participants in the weekly hiking club!